Over the last 80 years, Nationwide has grown from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders to one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, with more than $135 billion in statutory assets.


Early growth came from working together with Farm Bureaus that sponsored the company. Eight Farm Bureaus continue to promote Nationwide and provide discounts to members.


Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings, asset management and strategic investments.


At Nationwide, we put our members first. We've always promised to protect the things that are the most important to them: their assets, their peace of mind and even their dreams, no matter how simple or grand they may be. We deliver that protection with an unmatched range of solutions, but we do so much more.


We give members more confidence through the stability of our increasingly diverse business portfolio. We enhance their experience by providing more ways to access our products and services. We provide more support in the communities where we live and work because we know we can do more together than we ever could alone.

And every year, we find more ways to deliver on our promise and build strong, lasting relationships with the people we serve.


Company Ratings

Making sure your insurance company has the financial backing to support its claims is critical. We want you to know that now, and in the future, you can have confidence in Nationwide. We're committed to providing On Your Side® service today, and we'll provide On Your Side service moving forward.

Nationwide has been in business for more than eight decades. You can rest assured that we have the experience, integrity and capital strength to manage today's challenging marketplace, while continuing to provide you with the best products and personalized service to suit your household's needs.


A.M. Best S&P Moody's
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company* A+ A+ A1
Nationwide Life Insurance Company* A+ A+ A1
Nationwide Life & Annuity Insurance Company* A+ A+ A1
As of July 2012


*Nationwide Mutual/Nationwide Life/Nationwide Life and Annuity ratings have a "Stable" outlook from S&P and Moody's and a "Negative" outlook from A.M. Best.


Nationwide has a number of reasons why we stand above the competition, but we're especially proud of our service to our customers. Nationwide will be there for you when something happens, whether it's the repair work from a simple fender-bender or the after effects of a powerful storm.


Nationwide will help you with everyday issues, too, such as a question about your statement or a concern you have with a claim.