At Lincoln Benefit Life, we pride ourselves on strength, stability, and integrity as well as our ability to provide financial solutions and professional assistance to help families achieve their lifelong dreams.


Financial Strength

For more than 70 years, Lincoln Benefit Life Company has been protecting policyholders nationwide. In 1984, we became a subsidiary of the Allstate Life Insurance Company. Lincoln Benefit Life and Allstate Life are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Allstate Corporation, a Fortune 100 company that provides insurance protection to approximately 17 million U.S. families.


Financial Stability and Impressive Growth

Lincoln Benefit Life has an enviable history of growth that continues today. By the end of 2011, we protected our policy owners with $370.4 billion of life insurance inforce. We've helped families across the nation obtain affordable insurance protection since 1938. Our constant and steady growth is a combination of factors that appeal to and assure our customers.


Innovative Customer Products

Allstate, our parent company, specially selected Lincoln Benefit Life to develop competitively priced life and annuity products for distribution through more than 74,000 agents across the nation. Those products and the distribution strategy have been extraordinarily popular with consumers.

Fixed life insurance and annuities, including a market value adjusted annuity and second-to-die life insurance product Four indexed annuities and a Treasury-Linked annuity that received a patent in 2006. And a variable universal life product with a wide array of investment managers and investment options to choose from

When your customers need life insurance protection or investments for their retirement plan, you can find the right product at a competitive price from Lincoln Benefit Life.


Value and Personal Service

Through the years we've built a strong reputation for giving customers exceptional personal service. Our service representatives are trained to answer almost any question you have the first time you ask. If you have policy changes, you can make them over the phone with just a single call. Our aim is to make every contact you have with us as easy and convenient as possible for you.


Financial Milestones

We provide premier, quality financial products and services, and our milestones prove that we're doing our job...very well. By the end of 2011, we had originated $370.4 billion of life insurance inforce.