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Since we are living a very fast paced society these days, it has become increasing difficult to keep track of all of the market conditions and industry changes. That's why we have designated this portion of our website to help keep you informed of some of these changes but even more importantly how they could affect you personally or perhaps your business.

Although we cannot provide information on all daily changes, we will make a concerted effort to post things that we feel may be important to our current and prospective clients.


We also ask if you come across information that you think may prove useful or provide any insight to the insurance industry as it pertains to business, let us know. You can send an email or PDF to: Our staff will look it over and if we feel it will provide some valuable information, we will post it on the News and Information tab of our website.


Feel free to to look over the various highlighted subjects and topics already posted here in this section and see how they may pertain to you personally or your business. Thank you for you for your patronage and continued support. RJames Associates, Inc. Management.  

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