MetLife History

For 140 years, MetLife has been insuring the lives of the people who depend on us. Our success is based on our long history of social responsibility, strong leadership, sound investments, and innovative products and services.


MetLife, Inc. is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs, serving 90 million customers. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


MetLife's vision of being the leading global life insurance and employee benefits company guides the company's response to people's growing need for first-rate financial products and services through various life stages and economic cycles. MetLife's trusted brand, capital strength, and existing relationships with millions of individual and institutional customers around the globe uniquely position MetLife among its competitors.


On November 1, 2010, MetLife added significant scale and reach to its international footprint by acquiring American Life Insurance Company (Alico) from American International Group, Inc. (AIG) for $16.4 billion. Starting in 1921, Alico grew to become one of the largest and most diversified international insurance companies in the world—and the first foreign life insurance company licensed to sell in Japan. The acquisition of Alico transformed MetLife into a global life insurance and employee benefits powerhouse, with 90 million customers in more than 50 countries around the globe.


Today, a time when consumers are feeling a greater financial burden than ever before, MetLife is helping millions of customers create their own personal safety net. At no time in the company's history has MetLife been as well positioned to capitalize on its history, its reputation for security and stability, and its innovative products and services as it is today.


In the future, MetLife will continue to grow its business with focus, innovation and profitability. This will be accomplished by drawing on the reservoir of history that has produced an enduring set of corporate values based on more than 140 years of integrity, social responsibility, strong leadership and financial strength.

Company Ratings

MetLife, Inc. and Subsidiaries
MetLife, Inc. and its subsidiaries have obtained financial strength and/or credit ratings from various rating agencies. Insurer financial strength ratings represent the opinions of rating agencies regarding the ability of an insurance company to pay obligations under insurance policies and contracts in accordance with their terms, and are not evaluations directed toward the protection of investors in MetLife, Inc.'s securities. Credit ratings are opinions of each agency with respect to specific securities and contractual financial obligations and the issuer's ability and willingness to meet those obligations when due. Neither insurer financial strength nor credit ratings are statements of fact nor are they recommendations to purchase, hold or sell any security, contract or policy. Each rating should be evaluated independently of any other rating. The following charts include ratings for certain companies in the MetLife enterprise.


For more information about a particular rating, or information about ratings of other MetLife companies which are not set forth below, please visit the website of the relevant rating agency. 

Ratings are  current. Ratings last required modification February 5, 2013.

Insurer Financial Strength Ratings

A.M. Best Company
Fitch Ratings
Moody's Investors Service**
Standard & Poor's
American Life Insurance Company Not Rated Not Rated A1 AA-
MetLife Alico Life Insurance KK (MetLife Alico Japan)* Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated AA-

First MetLife Investors Insurance Company A+ Not Rated Not Rated AA-
General American Life Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
MetLife Investors Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
New England Life Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-

* Negative outlook by Standard & Poor's.
** Excluding American Life Insurance Company, negative outlook by Moody's.