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The American General insurers, American General Life Insurance Company (American General Life) and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life), issue products offered under several affiliated brands, including American General Life Companies, AGLA, SunAmerica and Western National.

Merger of Sister Companies

Effective December 31, 2012, six sister companies merged with American General Life Insurance Company. By merging these companies, we can now provide products, services and guarantees to contract holders that are supported by a larger, stronger more diversified consolidated organization.

American General Life Companies:
160 years in business
13 million customers served
$38 billion in promises kept
In life, the unexpected is to be expected.
At American General Life Companies, our job is to ensure that the journey goes on in spite of the inevitable disruptions. Which is why we're committed to coming up with better ways of helping to protect the financial security of you and your family. Always.

It's a responsibility we confidently embrace. With a wide range of flexible life insurance products, we provide peace of mind to more than 13 million customers.1 And we're financially solid. Over the past five years alone, American General Life Companies insurers have collectively paid out over $38 billion in claims and benefits.2

We are here-and have been for over 160 years-keeping our promise so you can fulfill yours. American General insurers have been keeping promises to American families and businesses for more than 160 years. Earning Your Trust For Over 160 Years (May, 2013)

(AGLA) understands the needs of middle market consumers and Main Street small business owners and designs superior, differentiated solutions to meet their needs. AGLA's flagship Quality of Life... Insurance® suite of products includes riders to help with the costs of certain critical or long-term illnesses. AGLA delivers its innovative solutions through a full-time employee field force as well as closely allied independent producers, all of whom provide personal customer service — a sought- after advantage in the middle market segment. AGLA is Changing the Way Americans Think About, Purchase and Use Life Insurance.®

SunAmerica: Focused Exclusively On Retirement & Income Solutions
SunAmerica, The Retirement Specialist is a true pioneer in the retirement savings industry, and today focuses primarily on meeting Americans' lifetime income needs, continuing to be an innovator in developing variable annuities and guaranteed income solutions. SunAmerica has consistently been recognized by DALBAR for Annuity Service Excellence, #1 ranked quarterly client statements, and highly ranked websites for both consumers and financial professionals.

Western National: Let Us Help You Put Real Retirement Solutions to Work for You. Live retirement on your terms-with income that can last a lifetime.

It's possible with fixed and immediate annuity solutions from Western National - a leader of fixed annuities. Whether you're planning for retirement, nearing retirement or already in retirement, we have fixed and immediate annuity products that can help you achieve financial security and accomplish your financial goals.

Few other financial products offer a guaranteed return-or the greater control of your financial planning. An annuity is the only product available that transfers the risk of not having income from the individual to a private insurer

All products for the affiliated brands listed above are issued and guaranteed by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life) in the state of New York and in all other states by American General Life Insurance Company. American General Life is not licensed in New York.

1 Source: Source: Composite numbers derived from Statutory Annual Statements as of December 31, 2012 for AGL and USL or all lines of business including life, annuities, accident & health, ordinary and group. 2Source: Statutory Annual Statements for AGL and USL 2008 – 2012.