Russell L James Sr. is the Founder and CEO of RJames Associates, Inc. His goal when he created this company was to provide access and the opportunity for all individuals and small business owners to receive quality information and consultation within the insurance and financial services industry. For more than a decade Russell has worked with individuals, families, teachers, small businesses, church groups and pre-retirees to help them implement an effective plan to meet their current and future goals. His top priority when designing an insurance plan has always been to provide the correct amount of insurance for the individual or business. When discussing financial matters his focus is then on asset preservation, growth of income and minimizing or reducing one’s tax exposure. Not everyone’s financial goals and dreams are identical that’s why Russell works personally with each client to build the type of plan that incorporates the right type of insurance and also provides financial security and the kind of protection they deem important at every stage of their life.


Russell understands the importance of education and the value of making good decisions. He worked a full time job while attending college full time in the evening at Bernard M.Baruch College, CUNY, NY majoring in Business Management. Following his college years, Russell worked hard and was promoted to several management positions in the Automotive and Mortgage Industries. Russell has always been innovative in his approach to service and was one of the first in the industry to recognize the importance of the Internet. In fact, he was so convinced that this was a new area of opportunity that he persuaded his then boss to create an Internet Sales Manager position The results were incredibly successful for the dealership and remains a staple management position in the industry and a number of various dealerships within the tri-state area.


Based on his experience in the mortgage and auto industry; seeing firsthand the difficulty that normal everyday working families and small businesses had in purchasing a vehicle or securing a mortgage was troubling. Russell recognized that many of these difficulties arose because a significant number of these clients simply had no financial plan and worse yet no one to educate and help them create a plan of their own. Recognizing there was this large gap and need for this type of service, Russell began a new career and company in the insurance and financial services field.


Since that time and several insurance and financial licenses later he has had the privilege to work with various clients from all financial levels. He makes available various products and services that provide individuals and small business owners with the ability to make informed decisions about their future plans. He is also a licensed insurance broker in the states of New York and Connecticut. Each client plan or strategy is customized to to their particular needs and comprehensive enough to last them well into the future. A well thought out strategy that is adaptive, flexible, protected, secure and stable. In essence a plan that adapts to the many changes that we all face in life and business. Until recently this type of comprehensive financial strategy was the domain of the wealthy few typically provided or offered by just a few large corporations.


Russell is married and lives with his wife and children in Long Island; He is an active and supportive member in his church on both the financial and photography ministries at the Greater Allen Cathedral in Queens, NY. He is supports various charity organizations such as the United Way, UNICEF, St Jude, United Negro College Fund etc. Aside from spending quality time with his family, he likes sports, playing golf and traveling when ever he gets the opportunity.